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An absolute disappointment the Samsung's High End Phones Took Out the Micro SD Slot

(Topic created on: 15-03-2023 05:09 AM)
Joshua Sison
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I was hoping that the S23 will bring back the Micro SD Card, but sadly that is not the case. There are people like me who don't always have access to the nearest hotspot and it is not always convenient to use mobile data, especially when the signal is weak or I am at a place where the connection is poor, to gain access to my cloud storage services and it is a bother to pay for extra storage. 


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I totally understand and appreciate your viewpoint on wanting a Sd Card.

There is quite a few existing threads on the Samsung Community Forum in regards to this topic as to where some want Sd Card options back and some prefer Online Vaults. 

Unfortunately personally I don't see a return anytime soon for that function @Joshua Sison 

The same being for the 3.5mm earphone jack.

The space they took up inside the phone has long since been taken up with other hardware.

Personally I've had a few Sd cards corrupt on me causing catastrophic loss of my informatio,  and I've seen in some instances slow down of the phone.

Now I use Samsung Cloud and Dropbox.

There are quite a few vault options that are free for a certain amount of storage with some of the free storage options being large, and then relatively inexpensive costs to buy more space if needed.

I periodically go through what I've stored and delete old or rarely used stored information.  This keeps me within the free storage capacity. 

In regards to access and using vaults and not being near a Wi-Fi connection have you looked at mobile data monthly allowances for your network's in your region.

Remember you can use two sim cards in your phone so maybe another network is cheaper for mobile data you can use.

This is something I do on my Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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It's a growing trend with manufacturers now. The SD card sadly won't be making a comeback anymore
I use a card reader I plug in to my phone. Not ideal as it's something to carry when I need it. But the only option there is
But mostly I use cloud storage now
Yeah one main reasons why I don't like or want get samsung latest models is because of lack of SD slot and earphone jack. Add to most not even coming with charger anymore and can not help but feel dissatisfied and disappointed with Samsung.
(Don't like or trust the cloud too much)

Speaking as someone who's never worried about whether my phone has an SD card slot or not, I still have to ask what the rationale is for not having them. It can't be the space in the phone right? Unlike a headphone jack, could it really take up any more space to have the SIM tray also support an SD card? Seems like it shouldn't.

I've never worried about it. I use cloud storage if things get tight, but it is weird that mid tier and budget phones usually do have memory expansion where flagship phones from a lot of brands are less and less likely to have it.

So again, just curious what the logic is in not offering it? Security? Some kind of research that says people don't really use it? It just seems odd.

As pointed out be other members this has been raised a few times. I also think the the removal of SD cards in high end phones is a bad move. I think the reason is to maximise profit i.e people who buy high end phones are likely to spend more on higher internal storage and cloud storage and service subscriptions etc I think it's unlikely they will come back on higher end phones but I think the will stay on lower end models for quite a while yet as the customers in this bracket are more savvy and will go elsewhere. The biggest problem this causes will be for people without internet access e.g on a flight, rural areas or black spots etc to watch movies or store images and songs etc e.g my son downloads movies and songs for long flights. There are work around as you can "buy" external storage devices and power banks etc but it just means filling your pockets with gadgets so you can use your phone.
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I used to think that I couldn't live without my sdcard, but to be honest since I haven't had it for a few years now, I realised I don't need it and don't even notice. I have a combination of on board storage and cloud and it works great.

I think SDCards and 3mm Headphone jacks are over and really not needed.

I use a 3mm USB C adapter and use wired when needed but mostly use it on the plane and don't even use on my Phone anymore

SD Cards and headphone jack are done, kinda have to get used it

I initially thought the elimination of the SD slot was a bad idea, I thought the same about the elimination of the headphone jack.  Times change. 

I have an eSIM, Bluetooth earbuds, and an external SD connected to a card reader thingy.

Times change.  

I used to be happy with Windows 3.1 with Norton Desktop.  Times change. 

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I have the new Samsung S23 a nd hate it
It's so disappointing, I am going to revert back to my S20