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White noise while using camera

(Topic created on: 11-05-2023 01:39 AM)
George Pool
First Poster

I have this weird issue with my S22 Ultra that I hope anyone can help me with.


Every time I am near a beach where waves crash onto the shoreline, and I record a video in FHD, the sound that is recorded with the video is just white noise. Voices sound like aliens, waves sound like paper rustling, and the sound is just heavily surpressed.


Even weirder so, when I start a recording away from a beach, and then walk towards the shoreline, the audio does not become filled with white noise.


Because of that, I feel this is a software issue, and not a hardware issue seeing I know that the phone CAN record waves at a beach. It is almost as if an audio filter/gate/compressor is messing it up.




Has anyone had this problem before? I have had Samsung phones for well over  10 years and this has completely stumped me.