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The best SAMSUNG fake promotion

(Topic created on: 19-11-2022 01:20 AM)
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I choose Samsung S22 because of promotion to get Buds2 pro, but after purchase SAMSUNG say`s it`s too late to claim! Despite the fact that the delivery slot and really date was late. 

Absolutely stupid!!!

How can I return the phone? Thank you for help, regards

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The promotional deals have strict start and end dates on them which cannot be changed when creating the claim.

Unfortunately I've seen past posts where it seems a person has missed out on the freebies due to late / delayed delivery.

The claim form I believe needs the imei of the phone keyed into it to validate the claim.

If you purchased direct from Samsung then I'd suggest to contact their online shop team to ask if they can do anything.

If a phone is purchased by a 3rd party or network then I'd suggest to approach them.

If you purchased direct from Samsung UK then you have 14 days to return the phone for any reason.

After 14 days they wouldn't accept a return.

There should have been a returns label in the in-transit box to arrange return or call / email the Samsung Online Shop Team.

Samsung Online Shop Team.
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