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Some improvements required in OneUI 5. Sent them feedbacks as much as possible.

(Topic created on: 16-08-2022 10:49 AM)
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So the thing is, its been some time since Samsung came up with One UI.

Samsung has been throwing a lot of features over the years which I appreciate very much. But they are not focusing well on the optimization part, i.e. how well a feature is added & and how well it works, etc. The same goes for battery life, lack of such optimizations & core level optimizations makes it worse with each major update.

I was expecting the UI animations to get smoother even on 60 Hz (for longer battery backup + smoothness), similar to normal iOS. But not even the glitches with 'swipe gestures' are solved completely so far. And for battery on One UI 4.1, I'm getting like 2-2.5 hours less than what I used to get in Android 11.

So please guys, send feedbacks to Samsung (One UI 5 beta testers). And for members here with closer relation to Samsung, do consider this on behalf of all users.


For anyone that needs to know what I'm saying, here is the reference, 9 videos are attached for comparison (not mine). :-

 The iPhone used in the video is 60 Hz, and the issues shown about One UI is still present on the latest stable version (One UI 4.1).

-> Ignore the notifications/quick panel video from One UI as I think it is solved and not an issue anymore.

-> AT present, app opening and closing is also slightly fixed but still needs tiny improvement.

 -> Focus on rest of the things, the app switching navigation gesture is the one that still exists with glitches, it's misinterpreting gestures when things are done fast enough whereas iOS for some reason is able to perform smoothly. (this gesture was performed comparatively faster on iOS, yet no glitches.)


NOTE 1: - I'm not here to trash Samsung in any way, but to point out some things that can be improved in One UI 5. Improving this can result in greater user experience , lesser bugs/stutters/glitches etc. And who knows, if this required some greater optimization at deeper levels, probably better battery life too.

NOTE 2: - Don't need any hate or anything, you can clearly see whatever has happened in the video. It can be clearly seen/understood from the video what I'm talking about. If you are not experiencing it, consider sharing a recorded video of what it's like for you if its different (by doing the same thing).

NOTE 3: - I know no one uses a phone like this and you don't need to tell me. But this way of testing shows how well the phone can pickup and respond to gestures. (In short, it shows how well it is optimized .). Yes, but these glitches happen for me on a day to day usage randomly, especially when I'm doing stuff in a hurry.

Just need the camera sorted out, the focus