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Samsung S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 16-04-2023 05:36 AM)
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I think I made a huge mistake when I purchased a new S22 Ultra....
If you are carrying it around all day in a briefcase no problem....but if your trying to keep it in your pocket wearing shorts while on holiday, you would be better carrying a 1/2 brick in your pocket as that is what it feels like....You can't leave it lying on a table if you are out & about as someone "Who has the strength" could steal it...(hopefully....!!!)
Tried "Part Exchange" with Samsung to go for the smaller "Flip phone" expected....they are not interested....
Will in future look at different models from different suppliers and then bury this 1/2 brick in the back garden where it belongs....!!!!
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Hi @wotnot1uk 

I appreciate the Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra is a large heavy'ish phone which is it's form factor deriving from the Note series of phone's.

I try to steer people to have hands on at a Samsung Experience Store or Network Highstreet Store before committing to purchasing to get hands on.

Mine is in a UAG Monarch Kevlar Case so that adds a little extra weight and bulk too, but not much.

I opt to carry mine in a vertical holster with belt clip due to my nature of work place.

But I do get what your saying if it's in your pocket it can present obstacles.

I wear work shorts at work and jeans in my personal time.

A person does adapt to the weight in a short period of time and one can sometimes choose different ways of carrying round the phone.

Samsung themselves offer a 14 day cooling off period if purchased from them on their Online Shop Site, and then your locked in after that time period.

Other suppliers may have their own cooling off period.

After that they won't offer a refund.

The options in that scenario would be to sell on the Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra and use the funds to buy a Flip.

Trying to get the best price is key here and so I would suggest selling to family , friends or work colleagues and not auction sites or highstreet shops that deal in buying phone's. 

Or give yourself a little more time to adjust and adapt. Sometimes buyers remorse can play a part.

I truly enjoy what my Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra brings to the table and maybe in time you may too.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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