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Samsung S22 issues (snapdragon)

(Topic created on: 05-03-2022 12:10 PM)

The new samsung S22 have many issues..

1. Notifications: it didnt appear before after many attempts and restarting and even reboooting the phone

2. GPS: gps is not connecting immediately or needs restarting before it will be ok..especially when using the waze app

3. Calls: it didnt connect to a call immediately when i was calling to someone and needed to restart it again It cant connect immnediately to lags needing cling mobile data off and on..even in wifi..

5. Bluetooth: it had a problem connecting to my watch that led to the deletion of my back up in my watch..also it take a bit longer in connecting to other devices that my previous galaxy (which was A8 plus only)

6. Background downloads: it makes errors when downloading in the background and failures.


Hope there will be a fox soon..thank you

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That's not good @JohnsnowMD 

I'm not sure why your experiencing these issues.

I assume if you insert your sim card in another phone these issues don't exist ie your sim card / network connection / masts are not an issue !

When a phone is misbehaving I always suggest the following generic troubleshooting tips.

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This is seemingly a wide spread issue.. more and more posts on forums saying can't get signal, can't make calls, can't use mobile Internet, apps saying they can't connect to Internet, call dropping or robot voice.
Both European and USA phones ... I think Samsung has a big problem on its hands here and they need to solve it quick or end up with a deluge of returned handsets and cancelled orders.
A phone that can't make calls or texts or connect to Internet or recognise sim is not a smart phone at all