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S22Ultra - 🤬🤬🤬

(Topic created on: 08-12-2022 05:05 PM)
I've used Samsung mobiles for years even when forced to have company iPhones and blackberry's. I think my first was a Galaxy S3 and I even have bought Samsung devices for my wife and inlaws too.
But this S22Ultra is the most expensive yet has caused the most problems - soft ware freeze, BT connectivity, auto ***** down (and no, its not where it was set up to do this in settings) amongst several issues.
But recently thr device is driving me to the point where maybe an iPhone might not be a bad idea.
I must have to reboot my device at least 2 times daily when apps simply refuse to work, open or even function beyond basic operation. Soft reboot is required each time and even checking safe mode operations fails to work on some apps.
Samsung, what the hell are you doing?
Yes it's great that you now support models so long and you bring out updates so fast......but please please please cam you get the basics right and simply make you devices work as you would expect when a user is paying £1300 for it!

Rant over but Samsung get it right!


It seams samsungs know how is more focused in military research than in consumer electronics - or samsung has a big brain drain of workers who have leave the samsung company.

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