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S22 Ultra stutters, lags, display glitches, sound popping

(Topic created on: 05-03-2022 06:19 PM)

So I have the S22 Ultra exynos 2200 and of course its lagging and stuttering in adaptive (120hz) and WQHD+ 3088x1440 screen resolution.

Not sure if lags/stutters are caused because of combination of both adaptive motion smoothness as well as highest screen resolution in use or just one of those.

I have also experienced appearance of black horizontal lines on touch response when settings the phone up. 

Another issue is that occasionally I hear sound poppings especially when using bixby.

I tried to factory reset the phone and start from absolute scratch without restoring data (which I always do) and kept the phone with stock bloat-ware apps only installed, of course it did not solve anything.

I tried to run the phone in safe mode for over 3 hours and I was still able to experience all the problems.

I have everithing up to-date including firmware, software but that did not solve any of mentioned issue.

Should I return the phone and wait for a new one, currently the phone is out of stock and my operator provider does not know when it's back in stock so it can take awhile(?).

or should I wait for an update from samsung and hope for miracles?

Please advice.

Thank you

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I have mcAfee antivirus turned off all the time and I would never enable it. I dont trust to any anitivirus nor antivirus for computers. Every single antivirus company is developing their own viruses and malwares and implementing it into their servers to pretend something needs to be cleaned using their software. Plus the cpu usage it takes is just absolutely unbeliavable.

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I have the s22 ultra snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version and it lags so hard and stuttered especially when im on a video call d phone battery went from 100 to 0 very quickly its the worst experience I ever got from a samsung phone. I hate iPhone but imma have to get a new phone. I trade my s21 ultra for this and this is so slow I miss my s21 ultra I went to check the phone all the guy is saying the test says my phone is in good condition