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S22 ultra doesn't get 866 mbps wifi link speed

(Topic created on: 05-07-2023 07:17 PM)
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So, I've noticed that my s22 ultra doesn't reach the typical 866 mbps speed when connected to a 5ghz wifi. Rather it maxes out at 433 mbps, which if I recall correctly is the maximum limit of just one "flow" (forgot the term) of the 5ghz band.

I've already tried almost every solution except resetting the whole phone. It's also established that the problem is with the phone and not the router, since all the other devices in the house get full 866 mbps in the same setup with no issues. Including my brother's years old Galaxy Note 20 (Non-Ultra). But my s22 ultra just won't get past 433. The best it does is it hits the 866 mark right as you connect to the network, but that's just for a second, and immediately drops back to the useless 433 mbps.

Such an expensive phone but can't even keep upto phones from 2 years ago. Even testing the internet speeds on the same servers on different devices showed that my s22 was behind by 80-100 mbps compared to even the Note 20.

I've been trying to figure it out for the past 2 days, and it's getting more frustrating as each attempt passes and a solution would be greatly appreciated!



 Pic- My S22 Ultra on the left, Brother's Note 20 on the right. Both the devices are held just above the router, still the issue is same.

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Alot of the time your phone won't reach Speeds that it says in settings, I'm guaranteed around 500mbps with my broadband provider but only get 200, I check with and although my phone may say 850mbps for example it doesn't achieve that speed