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S22 Ultra Clear View Case - Screen Brightness When Charging

(Topic created on: 06-03-2022 01:31 AM)
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I have the S22 Ultra with the Clear View case, and when charing the phone overnight the display is bright enough to illuminate my room. The odd thing is if I press the side button to display the time instead the display dims to a far more appropriate level, but when it then automatically changes back to show the current charge and time remaining until full the brightness goes way back up again.

I've tried disabling the always on display but the charging status is still shown when the screen cover is closed, and I've also tried manually adjusting the brightness of the always on display down but this doesn't make a difference to the brightness when the phone's displaying the charge status. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and does anyone know how to resolve me issue?

The above only applies when the phone is actually charging, when the battery is at 100% the display dims to an appropriate brightness again.