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S22 Ultra Android Auto and missed calls

(Topic created on: 19-12-2022 03:10 PM)
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Hi all,

I've my S22 Ultra since september and I'm experiencing 2 huge problems:

1. Can't make it work with My Volkswagen infotainment system. The phone says that is connected to the car, but the infotainment says "Unable to connect to S22 Ultra". I tried all suggested solutions in the forum (different cables, factory reset, check of Google apps connected to android Auto, everything) but it won't work. My infotainment works with every other Samsung phone (S10+, A53, A22) and my Tablet (Tab 5e).

2. People call me but they hear a message that I'm not available. When I reset the phone or I select airplane mode, I receive a lot of SMS of people that tried to call me. I read that a solution here is to wipe cache of the phone but, when I try to enter in recovery mode, it just won't go there. I turn the phone off, then connect it to my PC via USB, turn it on with Volume up + side button, then leave the side button and volume up when Samsung logo appears but it just turns as on normally. Tried ten times without luck.

It's a 1000 euro smartphone and I'm really bothered by this problems. Can you please help me to make it work?