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S22+ turns on and off won't connect to home Internet!

(Topic created on: 15-04-2024 02:31 PM)
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So where do I start... For months I have being having issues with my handset turning off and on and not letting me connect to the home broadband. Sometimes it comes back on after  1 attempt sometimes it's an hour later before it restarts. First phone call they did a soft reset. Didn't work. Then we did a hard reset. Didn't work. Then a had a doorstop repair where you have an hour slot in which they driver took my phone away because he couldn't get connection to Internet. Did come back lol. Worked for 5 days. Same issue occurred again. Another call which led to DPD coming to collect handset for repair. After 9 days I was told nothing was wrong with phone and returning without the need for any action. Arrived back yesterday turned phone on to set up and within 2 minutes... Off it went!!! I have collected all emails and video evidence and now sought help off independent legal and phone repair shop. Both confirm under the sales and goods act 1979 the phone is not of satisfactory quality. To make matters worse my youngest daughter has type 1 diabetes and I use my phone as a medical device to montior her blood sugar levels and calculate insulin requirements. The NHS have been amazing providing us with this technology, but it's no use if I don't have a functional working phone. For those that don't know too much insulin = hypo and if not treated promptly hospital and possible fatality. Hyper = high blood sugar levels again if not treated correctly it can and has caused death. So you can imagine the anxiety it causes both myself and my daughter. I've collected email, phone log, video, independent advice and repair evidence and I'm still waiting for any sort of resolution. I've tried everything including changing charger and sim card. From other feeds on this forum I believe it maybe a common fault but nothing is being done to support or help the customer (just to add I've always had Samsung products and never had an issue) but you don't realise how hard it is to get assistance until you need it. Let's see what happens this week!

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Hello @Members_7b4QczA 

I'm sorry to learn your experiencing these issues with your phone  😔 

Ive been type ² for over 10 years so I appreciate how important these things are. 

I assume Samsung supplied the phone directly to you ?

If not then you will need to pursue the merchant as explained in the Consumer-rRghts-Act-2015 , which is the current legislation. 

What has been advised when you supplied all your supporting documentation  ?

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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Thanks so much for replying and understanding. I'm waiting for a phone call from Samsung technical in the next 24 hours but I won't hold my breath. Any other law entitled legislation would be most helpful.