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S22+ shutting down when charging

(Topic created on: 12-01-2023 10:03 PM)
Ken D
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I have a Galaxy S22+ (has most recent update) that is shutting off completely when connected to a Samsung charger with a Samsung cable (both new). When it shuts down it will not boot up. It gets to the Samsung splash screen, but never gets to the T-Mobile splash screen - it simply shuts off again. When I remove it from the charger, it boots up fine

This has been happening for a few weeks - and continued even after receiving the software update yesterday. This also happened when connected to a different charger (Apple USBC iPad Pro charger) and with different cables. It appears to be a problem with the phone. 

It is also a recent problem in that for many months my phone charged fine and only is a problem in the last few weeks. 

It means that when I charge it overnight, my phone is offline. Any pointers or help in getting a bug officially filed to get into a future firmware upgrade is appreciated. 

Tourbillon De La Vie
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Contact Samsung support and let them deal with it