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S 22 plus exynos, photo, video problems

(Topic created on: 05-02-2023 10:26 PM)

Hello Guys, i have samsung s 22 plus exynos.
Video on this phone in low light is terrible!!!
And i don't speak about shoot in very dark places.
Very aggressive noise reduce blur all details, and make oil painting.
Even if shoot in room with normal light is appear artifacts(noise reduce )
Also very high contrast, what make very dark picture in low light.
If try shoot video in clubs, quality like on cheap phone, all blurred and artifacts in video.
60 fps and digital stabilization are blocked for additional app(like filmic pro)
In filmic pro, video quality in low light much much better, but no 60 fps and digital stabilization. Is blocked!!!
I was compare with Iphone 13 pro max, when i buy my Samsung price was allmost the same.
In Iphone qulity in video is AMAZING!!!! In low light shoot perfect!!!
In 60 fps quality much better when on mine Samsung  in 30 fps!!!
More light picture in video, and much more details, and clear image.
Is not a little difference, is HUGE!!!
Also on s 20 plus exynos much more details when on s 22 plus!!!
I very shoked from camera.
In photo also less details.
Question to Samsung, are  you plan to fix video quality in exynos series?

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Hi @JeniaCernisev ,


I'm sorry to hear that you are not enjoying your S22+ Camera. We will definetely take your feedback on board and have this in consideration for nay future updates.


In the meantime you may want to have a look at this guide to improve your images and videos quality: Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Camera Tips & Tricks | Samsung UK - YouTube


Hi please notice on low light video. I dont speak about very dark places.
If S 22 plus exynos compare with iphone 13 series, is big difference!!!
In Samsung in video appear oil paiting, in auto mode.
In manual mode better, but in ultra hd no correction settings- brigthness, LUT, contrast.
In Filmic pro shoot much better, but thre blocked 60 fps and digital stabilization
Here i provide pictures for compare about what i speak.
I take from youtube
Because by default on exynos model very contrast picture, in low light is become just dark.



  difference in details, and i dont show with Iphone 13 series.
If possible unblock in camera2api 60 fps and digital stab it will be amazing!!
Or chnage noice reduce in video, may be night mode for video. Because appear oil paiting
Or may be you can create nightmode for video shoot?