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Possessed Keyboards & Offset Pen

(Topic created on: 17-06-2022 05:35 PM)
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I have the beautiful s22 ultra. Just got it in February. I've been trying to remain patient, seeing as to how I spent as much as I did, but it's getting annoying dealing with the small glitches on this phone. Before I purchased this, I had a Galaxy S8. That phone had literally been through so much heck: drops, cracked screen, dropped in toilet water, you name it. Not one time did it ever glitch. 

Things that I deal with with this s22 ultra are as follows: 

I could be on Snapchat trying to edit a caption and because I pressed the backspace button simultaneously, it literally jumps out of the caption edit, jumps out of the actual app, and then opens another app on its own. 

The same exact thing happens whenever I'm long pressing or trying to edit photos (because I'm a photographer and these phones are known to be great when utilizing tools for Photoshop which is why I had the S8). 

I figured maybe it was a keyboard issue, so I deleted gboard and only started using the Samsung keyboard. Well that didn't help either. 

Not sure of exactly what needs to be done, but something definitely needs to be done. I'm like two steps from chunking this thing and getting an iPhone. 😤

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Are you using gestures as your navigation method? Try buttons instead. Also, do you have screen protector applied?