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Please bring back the screen protecter from box

(Topic created on: 05-06-2022 09:05 PM)
For the s23 ultra like the one on the s21 ultra, still have it on, good screen protecter.
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It's not really a proper screen protector really. More of a protective film to prevent scratches. Does nothing to protect against impact damage, fingerprint smudges etc.
In this day and age, reducing plastic wastage is a big priority, and most will pull that film off and put it in the bin anyway.
Personally I always get my own screen protector on my devices, especially an expensive one.
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Yes, it would be grand if the screen protector/protective film was reinstated. Nothing beats factory installed one

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Hi @T_C 

It would be good if Samsung did revert to fitting a factory fitted plastic screen protector as I'm sure many like the idea of having their phone's screen protected out of the box, without them having to source one , pay extra money ontop of the phone, and go through the sometimes fiddly process of fitting one.

Then there's people who prefer the feel of glass so they remove it, and hopefully put it in their recycling bins ♻️  , and use the phone without a screen protector.

And then there's owners like me who want the protection but don't like the feel of the plastic so replace them with glass screen protectors.

It'll be interesting to see which direction Samsung take.

They may just ship the phone again like the s²² with an in-transit plastic sheet that has a tab so it can be easily removed.


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I actually am going to replace the film protection on my phone with a glass one although choosing a decent glass one seems to be a minefield. Any suggestions for a decent brand that doesn't rainbow, affect touch sensitivity and is easy to apply?