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New S22 Ultra Speakers Crackling, low volume.

(Topic created on: 06-12-2022 06:09 AM)
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Should I exchange my S22 Ultra for another S22. My S22 Ultra is about a month old. I was already a little bummed out about the speakers not being loud but I didn't think much of it. A few weeks after buying the phone the speakers started sounding very distorted, low volume and a lot of crackling. Not just on media apps (spotify, youtube , etc...) but also on my calls speaker and ear. I went online to do some research and even called Samsung. This is what I got from both.

They walked me through a few troubleshooting options. 1st Upgrade the software, 2nd put phone on safe mode, 3rd turn off and on phone and 4th take out sim card if not replace the old sim card with the new sim card that was in the box.

I did the 1st thing Upgrade my software. Immediately after the upgrade my phones speakers were louder. The speakers were actually louder than before the problem started. I was happy with the result on the louder speaker. But the crackling and distortion was still there even though the speakers sound a louder and little better.

2nd I put my phone on safe mode. That did nothing for the speakers the issue continue.

3rd  I turned off and on the phone and I didn't notice much of a difference.

While I was trying to figure out the issue, I continuously tried out my speaker. I will leave it on videos and turn the volume on high. Keep it on speaker on calls. I set an appointment with samsung to go in and exchange the phone. I was upset. But as the days went on, I notice that the speaker was improving. The distortion went away but still a lot of crackling. Third day came along and the crackling had minimized. The sound was better and less crackling and no distortion.

4th I took out the old sim card and wiped it and put it back in (Thinking of replacing it with a new one)

By the time my appointment came along (around the 3rd or 4th day) The speakers sound better. The crackling was almost completely gone and no distortion. But I did notice that the sound of the speaker wasn't as loud as before when the crackling was happening.

At this point (after three or four days) my phone speakers are back to how they were when I bought the phone. They sound good, the crackling and distortion is completely gone and the sound coming out of the speakers is good. 

My delima is if I should exchange my device for another S22 Ultra. Would this issue continue? Was is a hardware issue or software issue? I honestly don't want this affecting my phone in the future. I was happy with the phone until the speaker issues started. Ive read and notice that a lof of other customers are having this issue.

Any thoughts on what I should do? I hope this article and the troubleshooting was helpful to others having the same issue.

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Thank You!


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Your obviously unhappy with the current situation so I'd say go with your gut feeling @dasamzungkid 

In the UK after 14 days of ownership Samsung provide a Repair.

Before 14 days they'll swap out the phone.

You'd need to check the T&C's for your own region.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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My brother here in Scotland has had alot of bother with his s22 ultras, I told him to reset it but he did want to as he had a lot of hi works paper etc on it, he said to kept on crashing when send messages etc etc, he honestly wished he had never given me his s10 lite 8g ram version. Alot of money for a lot of headache, not sure if recent update fixes it
If I were you I'd accept Samsungs offer of an exchange. At least that way you've made them fully aware of the situation and can start afresh with your new unit. At some point in the future you're probably going to be passing that phone on to someone else, maybe even selling it. You don't want to be having to report all these problems to any potential buyer. You've paid a lot of money for the phone and you deserve to have a problem free experience from the money you've paid. Good luck!