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(My personal experience): Samsung has a great Hardware and awful software

(Topic created on: 07-12-2023 01:08 PM)
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I'm so sorry but you probably should fire all your software developers.

I totally wasted my money on S22 Ultra , Because it's a beast in the hardware side but it's a garbage in the software side. Why I think So? => That's why :


The UI/UX are simply garbage especially the "UX" ! The "Default Number For a Contact" was a total stupid idea without having a "Always Ask" option!!!! I'm tired of selecting the number from my contact's numbers...

in a normal smart phone it takes 2 clicks to see all my Contact Details and numbers!test it on your UI !!!!


The Camera App is a total shame for samsung!! when I bought the device it could detect documents and etc. but after some update the camera almost does nothing! Where the hack is the AI ?

The Macro and Super Macro are even less than a cheap Xiao Me!!!!!!!!!!!! The camera App keeps changing the hardware cameras in seconds! to be clear ... The Software is showing maybe 10% of my real hardware power!!


The "Messaging App" is a toooooooooootaaaaallllll Waste!!!!I hate it's developers from the bottom of my heart!It keeps changing Normal message to Media one with long text messages!!!! God!Why? even a 100$ phone can handle that with merging multiple text MSGs!!


Chinese Smart phones have a slightly weaker Hardware Butttttt Superrrrrrrrrr Great UX/UI !!!

My Last Phone was a "Huawei Mate10 Pro" and comparing to the S22 Ultra it was a God!!!!


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Most of your issues can be addressed.

I ain't sure about the S21series but the S21 ultra and the S23 ultra are Awesome phones .

Or if you are up for it maybe exchange your s22 ultra for the upcoming S24 ultra.

I'd suggest you look up you tube videos on setting up your device.

Also Good Lock from Samsung store is Awesome for evenore customisations.

For the camera AI you need to have scene optimiser ON and download 'camera assistant' from Samsung store
We all have our own reasons why we buy such garbage and I totally agree with you about the camera being *****, it is. The older models took much better pics in their day, as for the battery it's ruined by the updates that's meant to improve it. Bring on Sony, made better electronics.
Yh my S22 Ultra battery life has tanked after over 1.5 years. Android 14 is making it worse, I have to constantly use Dark Mode, which I don't want to. I game, watch YouTube, browse the Internet, and browse Twitter, but I have to limit these things, because of the battery. Really disappointed with the S22 Ultra.