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Is their much difference between the S22 ultra and S23 ultra

(Topic created on: 22-02-2023 06:51 PM)
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I had the chance of a S23 ultra which my friend has I hhave the S22 ultra and side by side not a lot of differences is it worth it or should I wait?
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In physical looks not really much of a difference but internally yes, a lots of differences
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I know the chip has changed which is really good news but personally couldn't feel a difference from my friends to mine I think il wait until the design changes for a upgrade
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That's absolutely fine and I totally agree with you specifically if you own a s22 ultra simply don't waste your money, just wait for next one.
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There are differences. Like the cameras. Yes only small differences, but ones that I wanted and make a difference for me.
So that's partly why I upgraded from the S22 Ultra to the S23 Ultra.
Just depends on what you want from the phone and what's important for you.
So for me a good upgrade, but others are better off staying with the S22 Ultra.
The S22 Ultra is a fantastic device and I throughly enjoyed using it
So there's every reason to continue to enjoy using it.

I must be honest and say that I did think about keeping the S22 Ultra. But I weighed up my options and decided that the new phone I will benefit from
S 23 ultra has a better processor, better speakers , better battery life and a better camera . Looks the same but the upgrades are all internal . I upgraded from the s22 ultra.
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Hi @Gavinh 

The act of upgrading is really a personal one with many factors to consider such as >

.... is your current phone still in good condition and working as it should.

Are you at an early upgrade or upgrade stage with your network if you intend to go through your network.

If buying from Samsung then disposable income may play a part.

The Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra brings many new powerful features , functions and hardware to the table to consider.

I don't see the aesthetics i.e build and form factor of the phone changing anytime soon. 

I personally feel that has come to fruition. 

I have the Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra and have closely looked at the Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra with a view to pulling the trigger.

I'm a ' phone person ' so typically purchase as I like new technology. 

My current phone is in tip top condition and works seamlessly. 

So right now I keep busy by watching the various reviews on YouTube and reading the various articles on tech sites.

I wish you well with your eventual choices 👍

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512Gb in Phantom Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "