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Galaxy s22 ultra problems

(Topic created on: 21-04-2022 03:25 AM)
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After using New galaxy S22 ultra 

1. Battery is worst than ever, even the lower models have much better backup, Battery drains very very fast if you play few videos, light games and little scrolling,  thats it you need to charge it again (also after  charging 100% within an hour 70%). Definitely not 5000mah backup. 

2. As claimed by samsung this model has superfast charging,  its one more lie, it takes almost 2 hour to charge 100% from start

3. This model has heating issue, even after half hour continues use, back panel will be heated ( specially around camera area)

4. Very weird camera sounds 

Overall very bad experience,  after spending huge amount feel like wasted. 

Definitely this is the last model i bought from Samsung. 

Samsung Members Star ★★

May I ask how long you've been using the phone and what software update it is on @Members_DeJNUX9  ?

A new battery will take a few charges and dis cha

I've been using mine since the 21st of February and I've not had any of the issues your unfortunately being presented with.

1. Battery _ Please use your phone as normal and then take a screenshot of the battery section in your Device Care section using the scroll capture to include all your apps. Please include the phone's top status bar showing your signal and icons in use and then please upload it into your thread here so we can see what's going on. 

Battery screen on time and usage stats is a subjective topic as we all set up our phone's differently and use different preference settings and different apps.

We use our phone's differently.

For example I turn my phone off overnight while charging and then power on at 5am and power down at 9pm and I have around 40% left. I do not Game but I do use YouTube etc quite alot.

A Samsung battery in my personal experience will deplete pretty fast from 100% to around 70 to 80% and then stabilise.

I use 120hz adaptive refresh rate,  around 50% screen brightness but adaptive is off with Dark Mode and a handful of apps either in sleep or deep sleep mode.

2. Charging _ I use normal charging as I don't like to push the battery unless I'm in need of a quick boost although I've not had to yet. I've read other posts where people are not impressed with how fast the battery charges even when using the relevant fast charging plug that can be purchased separately.

3_ The phone is really only over heating if a pop up message states if it is and instigates a shut down of the phone. Typically the phone will dissipate heat from tbe phone via the internal cooling chamber. Using the camera for a length of time can use much more resource in tbe phone causing more heat. If a person is using a case then this hinder heat dissipation.

That said the phone shouldn't become to a stage where it can't be held comfortably. If your concerned then a Samsung Service Centre can check out the phone.

4_ Can you elaborate as to the sounds your hearing. Mine is silent.

I'm sorry you feel that way about the phone and I submit going from some of the posts on the forum people have experienced issues. But on balance many also have not.

Some used Samsung Smartswitch to transfer their info from their previous phone to the new one which appears to have caused issues for some.

I use  the Samsung Cloud Backup option.

Here are some generic troubleshooting tips you could look at.

> will help to highlight if an app or theme etc is potentially causing issues. 

> You may need to hook up to a Computer or insert your earphones to enter into recovery mode. 

> Back up and factory reset and then do not use Smartswitch. Set the phone up as new and then either download your apps one at a time from the Playstore and Galaxy Store and then see what happens or use the Samsung Cloud Backup.

I wish you all the best. 

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra 512Gb ~ Titanium Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Helping Hand
You need a specific charger for superfast charging and most third party chargers don't work. I have samsung 45w and it does super fast charge 2.0, does sound like you may have a faulty handset.

Maybe try a clean install before sending back, sometimes smart switch can cause issues
Big Cheese

Charging with a 25W, old or new 45W charger seems to make very little difference on the total time needed to fully charge the phone. It is around 1h for me.

Have you gone to settings- Battery and device care - Battery - More battery settings and enable super fast charging?

Battery performance is not the best initially but it improves after optimisation, of course it will always depends on usage.

I cannot hear weird sounds with the camera. Is there a way to make a video of it?

It is been suggested that Smart Switch can cause issues, but I do not know up to what point. A reset to factory, will start from scratch the battery optimisation process.

How hot is the heating issues? Did you disable GOS?


Even I amfacing the same issues, phone takes around 2 hours to charge. Battery drains very rapidly and I am charging it 2-3 times a day. I am a mild user and not using it for gaming or any heavy usage. Screen on time i am getting is around 5-6 hours.


@Members_DeJNUX9did you get any solution? I am facing same issues with respect to battery. Takes almost 2 hours to charge with 45w charger and drains very rapidly. When it goes as low as 5-6% the phone turns off almost immediately and when i plug in a charger, it says 0%.


Same issue with me brother

Vu Nguyen

Wow I'm not the only one or something.  You guys describe even a worse problem than mine and I'm getting a replacement on the way.  My display is on standard mode or 60hz refresh rate.  I do not play games and I can see with checking email making phone calls or text someone with Google voice app and the battery percentage drops like 1% every 5 mins.  I did optimize all I could for saving the battery like I don't let the finger print sensor turn on all the time, turn off the always on display, put apps to sleep mode or limited battery usage...... however, with my LG or Pixel charger which output 5V 2Amp, the phone is charged up to 85% within 1 hour or so.  I'm buying a Samsung charger 35W type to see if it can be a bit faster.  And the phone is heavy already, so having to carry an extra portable battery is ridiculous...🤣🤣🤣.  I can't tell what can drain the battery that fast except the battery is defective.... however, I started to feel that my battery is normal, but there are a few people keep saying they have more than 12 hours of screen on and they don't even use the display at standard mode and not much optimization was done.....anyway for a 5000mah this is pathetic!


I agree this same issue with my phone.  Its has been very bad experience. Feeling cheated after spending a huge amount we have got horrible product

First Poster

I just filed an insurance claim today after being told Samsung's warranty would not cover an issue with my battery almost exploding despite the phone being only a couple months old. I left my phone to charge on my nightstand overnight and I woke up to it updated and extremely hot. I was using the OEM charger. Over the course of the day the following occurred: 

Sim not found


Broken digitizer

Broken screen

Initiated SOS on its own calling 911

Wouldn't power off

Wouldn't make or receive calls

Now I have to pay $250 for a phone that is basically an expensive bomb. I owned a Note 7 and the S22 is no different. Although I'm typically a huge fan of Samsung products, this experience has been extremely concerning. I was so upset about it I ALMOST bought an iPhone 14 max pro but just couldn't do it in the end. However, YOU ARE ON NOTICE SAMSUNG! One more issue like this after spending $1500 and I will not buy another phone from you. Loving my 360 pro laptop, tvs, and fridge though. 

A. Howard

Nashville TN