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Galaxy s22 ultra mobile connection loss

(Topic created on: 27-01-2024 04:18 PM)
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Having mobile radio or antenna issues? I'm on my 3rd warranty replacement through asurion on my s22 ultra due to mobile connection problems. It seems they all had a relatively similar timeliness for failure, 8 months at best, the worst of which occurred on a deployment where Asurion refused to mail to an APO. 

I've never had samsung or verizon directly replace any of my S22 ultras due to having damaged my first phone in a freak accident 3 weeks after receiving it new, so all of my replacements are through Asurion. Every one of the phones I've been sent were in a factory sealed box, so there's no doubt in my mind they are either oem refurbished or new, so that removes the 3rd part repair from the equation. 

Asurion no longer offers replacemeny S22 ultras in any color, the representative said they put a stop shipment of all of them, rather they'll upgrade us to an s23 of like model with choice of color.

What happens: 1)noticable degradation of mobile reception in familiar places. 2) anytime a 4 or 5g connection is made, opening a browser or app that is data intensive, mobile signal would noticeably decrease down to an "x" if it ever had a connection at all; almost times my mobile signal is and "x."  3) very close proximity to a 4g or 5g source produces a strong signal but data does not work. 4) with a wifi connection, mobile signal appears anywhere between 1 bar and 5 bars, usually 1 however does drop to an "x" quite often. 5) wifi calling is impossible if an x is displayed and verizon is unable to perform any service resets.

Troubleshooting: I've factory reset after no success with resetting the network and device settings, neither of which worked. I've removed the back cover and checked the cable connections, depressed the main cable connections and lower board plug WAS loose, an audible click was produced when I pressed down lightly (fixed nothing), oddly enough touching that connection with my finger produced a signal when the device was powered on.

Obtaining samsung original parts is nearly impossible and I've heard the problem lies in the lower boards cable connection breaking, the one I mentioned clicked when I depressed it. It's odd that the same signal issues are occurring within a similar time table but it's also possible it has something to do with how I carry or use the phone, neither of which I can correlate.

Ironically the same exact symptoms occurred on a traveling buddy's s22 ultra at roughly the same time, neither of us could make mobile calls or use mobile data, wifi only. 

I'm concerned the physical design of the s23 ultra is also a lemon since there have been reports of this happening on those phones as well. What's next Samsung? I can no longer disable power hungry 5g, are we building things out of glass now too?

I still have my note 9 that performs flawlessly, I've considered rooting it and ceasing purchase of new Samsung devices due to their inferior product quality.  


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It seems like this is an issue with an update Samsung started to roll out in November/December of last year, not necessarily an issue with your specific phone(s).

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Same thing. Phone fell outside the warranty timeframe. Really wanted to keep this phone for a while. Been a customer of Verizon through either work or personal phones for over 15 years & I've bought Samsung product (TVs, phones etc) for longer. I think I have 5 old Samsung phones in a bin that I'll probably have to dig up. But this is pretty shady for both Verizon & Samsung. They blame each other on the antenna vs network. Both offer a new phone, for a price. Verizon is requiring a new, more expensive, phone plan to make it work to get a discounted phone or pay 1200 out of pocket. Samsung offered an ~600 credit. All for an issue that is known by both (I had Verizon state this when I walked into 2 stores). May be forced to make a change away from both brands. Google Pixel at T-Mobile may be the only way to make it affordable. I've paid alot of money over the years to both to have them pull this because they're providng lemon phones.