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Galaxy S22 Ultra main lens is very blurry

(Topic created on: 14-11-2022 11:42 AM)
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So I just started noticing this after updating to Android 13. Anytime I use the main 1x camera, the picture is extremely blurry except in the center. It acts like it is in portrait mode but it's in normal photo mode. Switching to ultra wide, 3x, or 10x the problem goes away and everything is sharp and clear.  Things I have tried

Using camera raw / instagram - same issue

Resetting camera cache, entire phone cache, and complete factory reset (x2)- same issue

Made 1000% sure im not in portrait mode. Reset all camera settings to default - same issue

Cleaned the exterior of all the lenses - same issue. 

This is so disappointing as I picked this phone for the camera and now the main lens is more or less useless. Phone hasn't been dropped, submerged in water or anything. I'm relatively certain this issue only started after updating to android 13 last week but unfortunately you can't roll back to 12 once you upgrade. I tried the *#0#* thing, chose megacam, the issue still remains and it's only on the main lens. Any ideas?

First Poster

My camera has done the same thing as everyone above. I'm so sad, I use my camera all the time and now it's basically useless. Has anyone found anything to fix it yet?


I can't remember where I read this "solution"... it's not a permanent fix but it is a work-around of sorts. With your camera open and it looks unfocused, just bang on the edge of your phone a few times, and somehow the lenses decided to start focusing again. 


Hope this helps you! And I hope Samsung really take time to look into fixing this problem for real.