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Galaxy S22 Ultra Bluetooth Pairing Issue

(Topic created on: 01-03-2022 02:21 PM)

I am having issues connecting my Apple Airpods and another Bluetooth earbuds to my S22 Ultra.  I have tried it with my older Galaxy Note 20 and it finds them right away, but the S22 Ultra scans for devices for only 2-3 seconds and it stops.  I keep clicking on Scan, but again only scans for couple of seconds and it stops, never finds the devices.

I have tried resetting network, resetting my devices and it has made no difference.  This is driving me crazy.  Has anyone else had issues connecting Bluetooth devices other than Samsung brand to their S22 Ultra?

Please help Samsung!


This Bluetooth pairing issue drives me crazy. Can’t believe that we both are the only ones. May I have a solution: Just reboot in safe mode and pair your Bluetooth device and then go back to normal mode.

I already had such issue on my S22 one year ago and after 1 or 2 months a Samsung phone update fixed it. Really really bad support from a brand like Samsung.

I have a similar issue on my brand new Galaxy S23 Ultra. I even replaced the device already one time. Whenever I try to pair Bluetooth devices, the pairing message on the phone does not come up. It seems that just the message it somehow blocked. My Bluetooth devices wait for the confirmation on the phone (smartwatch, my car) , but I can’t do so. And headsets etc. which usually do not need any confirmation, just do not connect. 

VERY STRANGE: in some rare cases, suddenly the pairing message pops-up. Sometimes after 20 trials to pair even more, most times never. Samsung: here is something really broken. I have the impression something in Samsung Apps or the SmartSwitch transfer from my Galaxy Note was faulty programmed by Samsung. 

This issue makes me crazy and I already spend hours for trial and error, searching the web and even contact the really bad Samsung service (they do not have a technical clue and cannot or are not willing to open a technical ticket).

Nothing worked:
1) Restart Phone
2) Toggle Bluetooth
3) Unpair all devices, pair again (if possible)
4) Factory Reset Network Settings
5) Wipe Cache Partition (Factory Menu)
6) Repair Apps (Factory Menu)
7) Even tried third party apps to pair Bluetooth devices

But the safe mode… did it 😊

One remarkable thing: In the web many posts and even Samsung recommend to delete the app data of the Bluetooth app. But on my S23 Ultra with latest Android 13 (22.Feb2023) this is not accessible: “delete data” is greyed out. May this would be the real solution. But not accessible on S23.