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Exynos 2200 Galaxy S22 Ultra, Awful Video Quality & Battery performance & games high Graphics support compared to Snapdragon v

(Topic created on: 28-02-2022 02:05 PM)
Mido Aboud

Dear all,

Yeah, I am waiting to recieve my s22 ultra soon.

all the information and practical experience says that Exynos 2200 'Europe' version is suffering from Awful Video Quality & Battery performance & games high Graphics not supported support compared Snapdragon version.


I went to samsung US website and here we came to the interesting part. Samsung uk offer galaxy buds pro as a gift due to the fact that they knew about the bad Exynos 2200 performance and it looked to me some sort of compensation to make the customers satisficed.

the phone is too expensive to give you such a poor performance compared to US version. I'd rather prefer to leave galaxy buds offer and get a proper Snapdragon based processor.


Anybody here noticed that issue? Any confirmations that Samsung will fix the above bugs with s22 ultra Exynos 2200 to be at least equal to SnapDragon version's Video recording Quality.

It would be great if Samsung agent gives us information, here is one of tons of videos showing the poor performance:





Thanks on the help! S22 Ultra owner.

Hello Guys, i have samsung s 22 plus exynos.
I known what here about ultra.
Video on this phone in low light is terrible!!!
And i dont speak about shoot in very dark places.
Very aggresive noice reduce blur all details, and make oil painting.
Even if shoot in room with normal light is appear artefacts(noice reduce )
Also very hight contrast, what make very dark picture in low light.
If try shoot video in clubs, quality like on cheap phone, all blurred and artifacts in video.
60 fps and digital stabiliztion are blocked for additional app(like filmic pro)
In filmic pro, video quality in low light much much better, but no 60 fps and digital stabilization. Is blocked!!!
I was compare with Iphone 13 pro max, when i buy my Samsung price was allmost the same.
In Iphone qulity in video is AMAZING!!!! In low light shoot perfect!!!
In 60 fps quality much better when on mine samsung  in 30 fps!!!
More light picture in video, and much more details, and clear image.
Also on s 20 plus exynos much more details when on s 22 plus!!!

Question to Samsung, are  you plan to fix video quality in exynos series?


I can say  what s 22 plus exynos is the worst camera what i saw!!!
In low light all in oil painting, no details.
S 20 plus exynoss shoot better, also on photos much more details.
And with each new update nothing changes.


If you speak about camera, i wrote a lot in support, but usually the main unswer - allways update, clear cash, restart phone. 

First Poster

My S22 Ultra with the Exynos suffers from the following things.

Super bad Battery life

Awful video quality in camera as well as video calls ( video is blurry and bad)

Video calls break up after about 3 minutes ( the call just ends by itself )

And the phone is overall just slow and feels not like a flagship Samsung phone.

Plus my Phone freezes whenever i try to do multiwindow or get a call while watching a youtube video. ( this has been so bad that I had to hard reboot my phone once.


So Samsung if you read this

I want some compensation for this god awful phone you built.

I'm gonna try the S23 Ultra if that fails to impress me then imma switch to iphone

Written by a angry Samsung user