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Exynos 2200 Galaxy S22 Ultra, Awful Video Quality & Battery performance & games high Graphics support compared to Snapdragon v

(Topic created on: 28-02-2022 04:29 PM)
Mido Aboud

Dear all,

Yeah, I am waiting to recieve my s22 ultra soon.

all the information and practical experience says that Exynos 2200 'Europe' version is suffering from Awful Video Quality & Battery performance & games high Graphics not supported support compared Snapdragon version.


I went to samsung US website and here we came to the interesting part. Samsung uk offer galaxy buds pro as a gift due to the fact that they knew about the bad Exynos 2200 performance and it looked to me some sort of compensation to make the customers satisficed.

the phone is too expensive to give you such a poor performance compared to US version. I'd rather prefer to leave galaxy buds offer and get a proper Snapdragon based processor.


Anybody here noticed that issue? Any confirmations that Samsung will fix the above bugs with s22 ultra Exynos 2200 to be at least equal to SnapDragon version's Video recording Quality.

It would be great if Samsung agent gives us information, here is one of tons of videos showing the poor performance:




Samsung Members Star ★
With new phones there are usually extras that can come with them when pre ordering. Absolutely nothing to do with any faults or issues 😂
In the U.S they tend to do monetary benefits more than extra devices. But quite often do both.
I know a couple of friends with the S22 Ultra phones and they are very happy with what they have. One is a YouTube reviewer. He Would be the first one to complain if there was anything.
Hopefully in 10 days mine will arrive and I will experience it myself.
Seriously, just take these articles and YouTube videos as interesting entertainment.
There is nothing factual about them.
I've seen a couple that are comparing the Exynos 8GB model with the Snapdragon 12Gb model.
They all are trying to grab your attention to watch their videos to increase the ad revenue they receive
I sent my 12gb exynos version back yesterday for that exact reason, absolutely awful! Sticking with my 21 Ultra.
Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip is better and always will be better than the Exynos 2200 chip ....every year this happens no difference now
Never understand why people Defend Samsung giving UK and Europe lower chips in there phones and are charged the same price ....all Samsung phones should use the Snapdragon chip of that year not Exynos ....even the oppo top phone and OnePlus top phone companies give Europe and UK the top Snapdragon chip why not Samsung !!
And them two companies still give chargers in the box free not like Samsung and Apple you have to buy
Mido Aboud

good to hear from you mate!

I agree with you when it comes to benchmark results and so on. However, What I saw was real-time camera performance comparison and moreover, some popular games doesn't allow you to use high-quality resolution!

I am seriously thinking of order cancellation.



Mido Aboud


I was wandering why Samsung will give Galaxy buds pro as a free gift only in the UK?!
then I realized it is a shock absorbing technique 🤣

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Well there will be the odd teething issue. Always is with any device.
All I will say is get the phone and use it.
You have a cooling off period here in the UK, 28 days I think where if your not happy with it, you can send it back.
I did this once with the original Galaxy Flip. Was a lovely device, just wasn’t for me that phone.
Agree; terrible battery life and awful 5g performance.

Samsung should use Exynos for lower models only. At least until it gets stable and has performance very close to the equivalent Snapdragon version.