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Done with Samsung

(Topic created on: 17-12-2022 07:43 PM)

I am also a Samsung person from near the beginning. S2 and every other model since then. Every even Note model too and all of the watches. But I have to say I'm probably done with Samsung altogether. I think the phones are getting worse as are the watches (if you mentally normalized them for age). the actual operation of the devices has gotten worse. The sound is terrible on the s22ultra. The equalizer is junk. It also doesn't keep the highest bass setting. If you slide the last bar on the left all the way up, and leave the equalizer, the actual bass sound will not stay at that level. Very noticeable on a high end sound system. I've tested this with decimeters as well. This phone has other serious issues with navigating mesh networks. It sticks and searches when it shouldn't, no matter what settings you use. They always blame the network though. I've tried 7 different networks, it's an issue, trust me. The overall audio is terrible through Android Auto USB as well. Apps that have a dedicated equalizer do sound much better, like Amazon music. If you use Spotify, you are screwed because it uses the phones EQ. I don't know what phone I will get next year, but I'm leaving Samsung for good. I'm tired of spending $1400 for phones I get frustrated with.  Maybe Pixel... 

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I like Pixel. Apple too. Until then Samsung 

Yeah, you and me both mate. I have a brand new phone A03s brought in the UK so did all the software updates as you do. I had it all set up lovely with no Chrome or Gmail anywhere on my phone. I do not know anything about dual sim or custom versions. Anyway ,after 7 months of me turning all the settings off and messing with my keyboard. I forgot that I was using an Android 12 and have not set it up correctly . So thanks Samsung not only have I messed up my phone but have all my apps are crashing because Privacy polices and T and C's are out of date.