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Continually crashing Samsung Health app on S22 Ultra

(Topic created on: 12-02-2023 11:16 AM)
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I have tried multiple times to resolve this using the Samsung Members app (SMA), but the people who administer this site do not appear to actually read what is written in my replies and instead send out cookie cutter responses or outright just restart the whole process.  So I've come here as a last ditch attempt to resolve this before I abandon Samsung products.

I purchase a Samsung S22 Ultra and Samsung Watch 5 Pro.  Both being current tech and from the same company they should work together.  This problem revolves *solely* around the Samsung Health App.  No other app gives me problems.

Unfortunately I get continual crashes when doing the simplest of tasks, such as responding to a notification or trying to select an activity.  As a result I can't get the data that the Watch is supposed to be gathering - making the device pointless.  As there is also no other app available that gives the same data, e.g. ECG recordings, body composition, I'm stuck for alternatives.

Things I have tried:
Run Samsung Members Diagnostic.
Restarting phone.
Delete app and re-download, both from Play store and Samsung store in the off chance they were different versions.
Closed app, deleted cache and data.
Deleted cache partition.
Factory reset.
(each variation followed by a restart)

The best I've had is a couple days before the crashing begins again.  After getting nowhere on my own I reached out to the support via the SMA. 

I get the automatic response to change debug mode to Mid and enable SecLog debugging.  I then restart the phone and reproduce the crash whilst recording my screen as instructed.  I attempt to send the requested data back through the SMA only to find that it only allows access to media files for attachments, so I'm unable to send the log file.  I write this in my response to the SMA and get the starting response about changing debug/seclog levels.  Clearly noone bothered to read my response and inability to attach the requested dumpstate file.  The app team for the SMA need to update it to point to the log folder to be able to attach these files.

I tried replying via email, since Samsung mirrors the query through gmail as well.  Next problem is that the files are too big and are rejected and bounced back. 

My latest attempt is to email a reply and quote links to Dropbox for the files to see if that gets a response, but I'm not optimistic.

FYI this is the error I get - my screen recording:

Samsung Health app crash 

I haven't seen any similar postings to this, which makes me think there's a problem with the phone memory - perhaps some unique locations for Samsung use only, which is why only the Health app crashes and all othes behave.  Unfortunately that appears to be another failing of the Samsung Members diagnostics app since it checks everything BUT the memory.

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The same problem I have.. In my case its not a main issue - my phone restarts itself randomly 20-30 times per day, but some times after samsung health crashes, so I consider it like possible candidate for the root cause