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Bad responsiveness on Samsung S22 Exynos version

(Topic created on: 13-08-2022 08:32 PM)
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Hi all,

I'm have recently purchased Samsung S22 Exynos version.

The phone is good, but there are some glaring issues that I wonder if there are any fixes for.

For information I'm coming from OnePlus Nord, which is considered a bad phone by many people, but in many areas is working better than the Samsung.

Here is the list:

1. Some apps would crash randomly, which hasn't happened on any phone I have access to - OnePlus, Xiaomi A2 lite, cheap Motorola with Android Go and Unisoc chip.

2. Random functions of apps won't work until I restart the phone, or single apps would lose Network connection.

3. Screen responsiveness is bad - there are areas around the screen, where the presses won't register every time.

4. Fingerprint reader would work randomly with and without screen protector.

5. I'm using gesture controls which would react about 80% of the time for the return and 60% for switching between recent apps.

6. OneUI seems to be made of separate elements and functions that often have little to no way to efficiently communicate between each other, forcing you to repeat an action multiple times.

7. Samsung hasn't integrated some of Google authentication, so I need to enter my credentials by hand for multiple apps.

8. Samsung Pass would save passwords and credentials at random.

9. Samsung own apps go into infinite loading loop until I stop them and open them again.

I have spend 3 hours going through every available option in Settings, trying to improve the phone performance with little success.


All this is on a brand new phone with all the latest updates. This is unacceptable for such an expensive phone in my opinion. AND I was considering the Ultra version. Good thing I didn't buy it.



I'm in the UK, so I've got the Exynos S22 ultra. I've had it since release, and honestly, I havnt experienced any issues at all, not with apps crashing, no slow downs, I also use gesture controls., and they work well, battery life is excellent. If there is anything I would prefer the s23 to bring, it's a bigger screen. You could send it back for a replacement, see if that will help. One difference, is I always use nova launcher prime on every phone.
I've only really experienced awful battery life on my s22 ultra (exynos UK). I plan to ask for a battery replacement in the future but otherwise it's been solid 👌
Sounds like you got a faulty phone I would get it replaced ASAP or send it back for full refund and you should have gone for the ultra it's way better in every aspect
Also, I have resolution on full, Bluetooth always on, data always on, auto brightness, I don't really play games though. Most days I have about 40% left by the end of the day.
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My Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256Gb Exynos SoC is working flawlessly @TheBadPlayer 

I'd suggest to factory reset and when setting the phone back up try setting it up as a new phone and not via back up and then see what happens.

Also try not using Smartswitch if you used that the first time round to move information across.

If this does not help then if your still within your cooling off period have it swapped out of if your out of the cooling off period then have a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre take a look.

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I have the S22 Ultra pretty much the same issues, very unstable often unusable. I agree the inferior chip used in EU phones is most likely one of the culprits. This is the most expensive phone I have ever owned yet the most problematic. Restarting usually gets past the freezes but I usually just wait and try later and the crashing apps usually work. No idea what the cause is but I think poor network connectivity in phone combined with unstable processor. I'm hoping Samsung will finally develop a firmware update that sorts it out but I'm not holding my breath. I'll put up with it for as long as I can but may consider an upgrade to another brand of phone but checking honest reviews next time. Once bitten twice very shy indeed
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I have a s22 ultra i concer with the original post samsung knows this phone and exynos rubbish it runs on doesn't work at all but all they offer is a software flast not sure how software is going to fix a duff waste of space processor and why do you think samsung is going full snapdragon in all there phones in all regions from next year? But in conclusion i paid £1250 for a glorified paper weight so im going to the only company that can make a working phone and thats apple