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Why throttle your exynos version phones

(Topic created on: 05-03-2022 11:39 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
Why are Samsung throttling exynos versions of the s21ultra and s22 ultra this is not good I was going to upgrade to the s22ultra I will not now be doing that a huge shame please stop doing this samsung and please acknowledge the signal issues with exynos versions since the Android 12 update 
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Galaxy S21 Series
This is an issue that has been reported to Samsung. They are investigating and working on a fix as per the statement they put out.
It's actually affecting not just Exynos phones.
It's also not effecting all phones and not all games.
Hopefully in the next software update there will be a fix.
Certainly a strange issue to have. I know it's all part of power management like in any device. But in this instance I guess something has gone wrong with the software
Galaxy S21 Series
Exynos 2200 must be a jokers poker chip even samsungs home country and Asian nations don't like to accept it,,don't know why UK and European market accepting it?
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Galaxy S21 Series



GOS is in place to stop the phone overheating due to extended play times of some games. It protects the phone.

As @Glenntech mentioned Samsung have listened and are currently working on a software update to allow the owner further customisation. 

Until then if a person wants to disable GOS then one option is an app in the Playstore called Alliance Shield.


The use of different SoC has been the topic of discussion for a while with some people not experiencing issues when using a Samsung Phone with an Exynos SoC inside but some appear to.

My Samsung Galaxy s ²² Ultra 256gb Exynos is working great.

I've also seen posts from people using the equivalent with a SnapDragon SoC inside who are experiencing their own problems.

Samsung have released phone's in the UK with SnapDragon SoC inside.

Im assuming they have an agreement with Qualcomm about the use of SnapDragon chipsets and where and when Samsung deem they use their own Exynos.

I'm using a Fold³ with one inside.

I've also imported a Samsung Note²⁰ Ultra from Samsung Hong Kong before to see for myself how it compared to the Exynos version I also purchased from Samsung UK.

Basically I had better battery optimisation.

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256Gb in Phantom Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help.

Galaxy S21 Series
I hope samsung give us the opportunity to activate or deactivate this setting I'm already worried about only charge the battery to 85% with the S21 Ultra only just a year old please don't mess with my performance settings,
This also makes me think how long will the phone stay at the top of the pile if its messed with by samsung without the users permission.
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Galaxy S21 Series

Between this throttling experience, not being able to play my favourite games even at low settings in a S21+ without huge frame drops, and Samsung's terrible client support in my country (México) makes me reconsider upgrading with the brand, a couple of friends have already jumped off the Samsung's ship after many years being loyal customers, its simply not what it used to be.