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What a bad experience ordering Samsung S21!

(Topic created on: 25-04-2021 04:38 PM)
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After many years with Apple I finally decided to go for a Samsung in order to have a look at what’s looks like android. The offer to trade my old iPhone 6s with the £150 of google play store was interesting so I decided to go for a Samsung s21.

What a mistake I did.

first of all the delivery was late and took 3 weeks

secondly I received a phone that was not working and freezing/rebooting since the first start. I let you image my frustration after waiting every day for an update on the delivery then to receive a brand new phone not working. I have then to go through the tchat and call support to request an exchange...the lady told me that I need again to wait 2 more days for DPD to come and collect the phone. In the meanwhile I went the same day to a Samsung store to ask for a troubleshoot or an exchange locally! I was confident but I had to come back the day after with an appointment to finally discover that I need to leave my phone for 5 DAYS!!! If I want them to check it and find the origine of the issue (software/hardware) the. Repair it.

So 5 more days to get a refurbished phone???! Or you kidding?

no possibility to replace it on the Samsung store because I bought it online!

So I went back home with my dead phone and waited for the appointment. 2 days later DPD collected the phone and it was delivered to Samsung Friday 23/04/21. 
until then I didn’t get any email or sms from Samsung to let me know what they received the phone and what next. I guess I’ll have to wait again 3-4 more weeks to get a new phone, working correctly this time??

I’m now afraid and not confident at all to receive this new phone which I don’t know if it will last, is the quality good enough? I don’t know if my choice to go for a Samsung was good but I’ll definitively have to test it the first days and maybe return it and ask for a refund if I’m not satisfied!

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Just curious, what really made you switch from Apple to Android?

I also feel Samsung needs to up their game with regards to Customer Experience after buying a phone.
Maybe they should have a no frills exchange system for defective phones within a certain period.

Having said that, touchwood, I have had never had issues with any android phones. ( maybe because I always start from scratch and never transfer anything from an old phone)
As was the case with the S21 ultras where most people who had the issues had done a smartswitch.
I feel with Androids it's mostly 50% user error and 50% just bad phones and Samsung has had a few of those. Like their battery issues, but they always improvise.

I do hope it gets solved for you as no doubt you will have a better experience if everything goes right.

Best of luck.

PS. With androids it's mostly what you pay is what you get, so the flagships are normally the way to go, but then again there are quite good budget phones now.
Hi I love the whole android & apple discussion, what made me switch was apple has so many bugs it started on ios 13 and still existed on ios 14, android when something goes wrong you can usually fix it your self, I went for the s20 and everything has been great, I will say samsung aftersales is not the best when I had the rcs bug they were hopeless I had to fix it myself, but the phones are very good.
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Did you by any chance used the smartswitch feature? Cause that messed alot of the S21 ultras.
Best to start fresh when you get your phone.
No just started fresh and brought my pictures over on Google photos