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too many issues with Samsung Galazy S21 ultra 5g phone is there a comperable one?

(Topic created on: 19-07-2023 04:30 PM)
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I am just having waay too many important issues with my Samsung S21 ultra. Is there a comparable phone to this?

I purchased this phone for its camera because it is highly rated.

Got the great camera but also got:

1. Group messages coming in as individual messages- apparently a Samsung issue.

2. person who is on other end of the lines voice echoes. 

have tried all of the suggestions, place I purchased from wants me to send phone back for refund BEFORE issueing me another one....I need my phone for work!!!!

3. finding things like cases, protective covers has proven to be very difficult and has resulted in me having to return quite a few things. website descriptions are not correct for these at least not on Amazon. ;(

4. Calling 911 all the time while in my pocket!!! This is really bad.

Even with my case I cannot put my phone in my pocket!

There is no ability to disable side keys from dialling 911.


I love Android

I need a good camera.

Anyone have any suggestions to a different phone? I do not want newest- latest model .




Community Manager

You could try the S21+ or S22 base model. If you're feeling daring, you could see how you get on with the Z series?

If you're able to, you could schedule the return and buy the new phone before you have to send your current one back?

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Honestly just avoid samsung altogether, did the problems start from a software update by any chance? They do it on purpose after two years so you buy a newer model. Google samsung planned obsolescence, they got fined millions for this practice, underhanded scumbags. Seek legal action too if you are able to... last year it was s20's playing up, this year its the s21's, next year it will s22's... but once a few court cases go against them you will magically see their devices lasting years!
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I use a spidgen case with an Spen holder if it helps.

Haven't had any issues you describe.

Then again I always set my phone from scratch with manually adding my apps as and when I need them. My photos and other stuff is backed up to Google so I get it all back once I sign in.

Most people who had issues were people who did smartswitch and transferred over apps. ( Which might have compatibility issues and stuff)