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Sound and mic issues with s21 ultra

(Topic created on: 20-02-2022 03:18 AM)
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Hi everyone, 

I love my s21 ultra but lately I been having issues with my phone when I watch videos or listen to music and The volume is turned up It sounds distorted almost like a blown speaker.  I have also been having problems with the mic.  So I play fortnite with my grandson and fortnite has a built-in  mic so I use that instead of a headset but lately it has awful feedback  and it has a loud continuous  beep. It sounds like when you bring two phones together when your on a phone call.  I don't know if this is a update issue. When ever I get this mic problem Of course it goes a way when I turn the mic off but I can also get it to stop sometimes by squeezing the phone near the camera. I hope this can be fix. I love this phone.

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Hi @Carlos1984  


I would suggest to use the diagnostic tool found in your Samsung Members app under the GetHelp section.

There's also a diagnostic test via launching the phone app and in the keyboard dial *#0*#

A Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Doorstep Service if available in your Region will be able to assess your phone if necessary. 

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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