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Sick of Samsung

(Topic created on: 17-04-2021 09:16 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
Seriosly, I realize  that I pay too much for a tone of useless features. With  my s20 ultra and s21 ultra  I cannot draw with finger a  bloody circle around the date on calendar!!! The option is only for S pen... I mean  you can use the finger on tonnes of drawing apps with useless features and filters,  but you cannot draw a circle in calendar. That is how far the greedy idiots go on tech world. Than I realize I don't have a simple radio fm build in, available on older phones.  than sd card go missing on s21, I'm still looking for the charger in the box and the headphone jack,  video camera is disappointing even with 120 fps is still shaking on frames, you cannot use on videocall the flashlight and back camera in the same time, and many more. I mean this the best what you can get on market after 15 years of progress? Who are those idiots who decide to cut features?  I don't care about the price, but in today's technology, you dont find a proper phone in the hole world without missing something or a restriction. This is  the last samsung phone for me and I will go for simple times. I bought a nice sony photocamera and the phone will be under 100 dollars just for call and text.  That is why I get mad with samsung, because I cannot draw a simple circle with my finger around the date on calendar, on top of the top of the top phone so far in 2021. Maybe will have this simple feature in 2034. Until than, I give samsung... the finger! Lol
Galaxy S21 Series
Seriously dude you need to take a step back and breath.
Research the phone before buying next you can get wired headphones for the s21 by akg which also will give you the sound quality you want.
Like all things time moves on the removal of the SD card was due to data transfer rates most people will by a cheap as card were the speeds are low.
I'm sure that there is a phone out there for you like maybe the iPhone which may work for you
Galaxy S21 Series
Well written reply 👍🏻
Galaxy S21 Series
Pass the popcorn 🍿