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sharing a stupid moment ...

(Topic created on: 25-10-2021 12:59 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series

My wife just bought a S21 Plus and we transferred all of her information from her older phone using Smart Switch.  There were no problems.  (It would be nice if Smart Switch could also transfer Bookmarks saved as Home Screen icons.)

We went on a walking tour of a town close by with some friends and my wife starts taking a few photos with her new phone but the image from the main camera was extremely blurry.   

I took a look initially thinking the lens was dirty but it seemed OK.  The selfie camera was fine.

I go to Camera Settings, reset the settings, same problem.  

I now take her phone out the case and see that the protective plastic cover hadn't been removed.   I removed it and problem solved.

It can happen to the best of us.  

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Galaxy S21 Series

I've definitely been guilty of this one before. Thanks for sharing @davehorne, it at least makes me feel less alone in my mistake! 😅

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Galaxy S21 Series

@davehorne @StephK1  At least you are admitting it 😀  The plastic cover is a thing some will  miss though,even  guilty of it myself!  

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Galaxy S21 Series

We've all been there my friend. 😉

Some post to say their phones housing is of poor quality until they are advised or realise there is in-transit plastic on it.

My Fold 3 had in-transit plastic all over it !

I thought I'd got it all until I was looking at the Samsung Branding on the Hinge and thought that's poor quality , until I realised I hadn't removed the plastic from it.

All's well that ends well and I'm sure she will be amazed at what that phone's cameras can achieve @davehorne 

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