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Setting up a Samsung account

(Topic created on: 14-08-2023 08:11 PM)
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I have a Samsung account that was registered with a now obsolete email address. I cannot remember the password for that account. I want to back up my phone as protection against loss or theft so that I can restore my data if I need to. I cannot change to a new email without logging in to my old account which is not possible for the above reasons. What is the way out?

Can I just register a new account with the current email address and use that for back up?



Are you logged into your original Samsung Account on your phone? If yes, the you can update the email id in the account.

Otherwise, you may have to create a new account and add it on your Samsung Phone. Note that if you change account on your phone you will loose any data that was synced with your Samsung Account.

You can use a new account to backup/restore, register phone, etc.

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Hi @JohnWF  Try changing the email on your phone if logged into the account as has been mentioned.   Go to settings, tap on profile at the top of screen-Profile Information.  Go to Account ID-email-change your email, follow the instructions. 

If still problems  think firstly best  to contact Accounts Team on 0800 995 1079.

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Thanks for the replies. I am not able to login to the old account so will add a new account with the current email address and then try a back up