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Samsung S21FE issues

(Topic created on: 16-04-2022 08:35 AM)
Stavan D
First Poster

I purchased the S21FE 256 GB Exynos Version but I am facing the following issues with my phone: 

1. The phone temperature goes around 42-43 degrees, even on normal usage like on calls or camera use or even just watching a video on Youtube. I haven't even installed a game on it yet.

2. There's a lot of lag with the interface and with lighter apps like Twitter, Play Store, Facebook, etc.

3. Issues with the cameras: 

a. There's extremely soft image quality with the ultra-wide-angle camera and the telephoto camera.

b. The telephoto camera does not get activated at 3x zoom and only at 10x. Image quality in both cases is soft as at 3x the main sensor is just 12 MP and at 10X the 8MP telephoto is pretty much useless.

I have complained to Samsung Mobile service centre and they opened and closed a complaint saying that there was nothing wrong with the phone, whereas they did flash my phone (whatever that means).

And as for the cameras, they say it is normal for the camera. I don't understand the point of a telephoto lens if it can't be used for zoom?

I hope these issues can be resolved. I got the phone last month on my birthday, it's my first Samsung phone ever, and I am truly disappointed with it. 


Helping Hand
Have you wiped the cache partition? It should solve most of those issues. Have you checked for updates to software?