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Samsung s21 ultra updated messed up the service "carriers"

(Topic created on: 15-12-2022 08:18 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
Hello everyone. 
I am really upset with the security patch updated that was realised on the 30th November for the Samsung S21 ultra. The phone itself has stopped working after the updated patch and I had issue after issue with it. 
  • I restarted first thinking is a network issue and it need a reboot to refresh. 

- Nothing was working no network coverage or possibility for me to use my data or make calls. 

- I got home and first thing i tried my SIM in a different phone that worked perfectly from the start. 

- After researching I saw that the update was causing software issues that leads to hardware issues making the phone unresponsive to any SIM that you might put in it. 

  • I have talked to the people from Vodafone we end up reseting the phone doing factory reset up until sending me a new SIM. Just to know that is the phone itself. 
  • I so other topics and users complaining about older models from samsung having the same problem. 

This are some steps I saw and might

  1. Turn off your phone. Connect your phone with a USB cable to PC or another Samsung mobile 
  • You will see the charging icon on your screen.
  •  Wait till it shows charging with battery percentage. 
  • Next, press and hold the Volume up and Side key simultaneously. You can press the volume up button just before the Side key. The Samsung Logo followed by Samsung Galaxy appears on the screen. 
  • At this point, release the keys Phone will boot into Android Recovery mode In Android recovery mode, using Volume keys, choose "Wipe Cache Partition" . Then press Side Key to Confirm by selecting "Yes" and then press Side Key You get "cache wipe complete" at the bottom of the screen Restart the phone to complete the process
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Galaxy S21 Series
Do tell
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Galaxy S21 Series
Im a newbee what is this site about meeting ans greeting or fixing phone issues