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Samsung S21 Ultra Camera... who else is lost with all these settings !

(Topic created on: 12-02-2021 10:53 PM)
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So I will be the first to admit... I am a pretty bad photographer 😀

I just point and shoot, and don't really have the great eye for seeing those best picture opportunities.   Of course without understanding all the settings, then this makes this job even harder.    Over the past 2 weeks I have tried a few photos, had a quick change through some of the phone camera settings, and most of which I have no complaint (except those attempts at night mode etc that others have mentioned).

If you want to understand the Samsung Ultra settings a bit better, then this video is definately worth watching.  I have just watched this video, and I believe I might have learned some key tips, to at least ensure I have the settings correct for some of the images and videos to follow.   

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Set Up The Camera To Take The Best Photos and 4K Video - YouTube


This then takes me onto something that is of great interest to me...  the night sky.   I work in the space industry within satellite design, and so I have a big interest in the stars and night sky.   This video is amazing... who would have thought you could take a picture like this of the night sky !   I will definately be having a go when I have a darker night sky opportunity.  

Samsung S21 Ultra Astrophotography | How to take photos of the stars with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra -...


p.s I have also even bought a book of basic photography to try and understand ISO, White balance, shutter speed and other parameters that I have never really dabbled with before.   I am looking forward to playing about with the settings of my new toy (s21u) :smiling-face: 


Smiley :smiling-face:

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wow thank you! I've been struggling a little with the camera but that video is fantastic I've learnt so much I didn't know 😁
Galaxy S21 Series
yeah saw this video recently. he's really good. also recommended this video about what to do after you've taken pics. there's some really interesting features on the phone that I never knew was there.