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Samsung promotions

(Topic created on: 05-05-2022 06:50 AM)
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So disappointing as samsung a renowned mobile brand fooling customers to regain market share, purchase a samsung mobile device and get free tablets buds etc...

Yes i was torn between samsung and another competitive brand when making my purchase, and opted for the samsung for its promotion that was offered and advice from a friend.


Well that's the last time I will make this mistake again.


I have contacted promotions on many occasions if you lucky to get through and the receive emails confirming reference numbers and then .....nothing no follow-ups as promised by promotions contact center. It's been 3 months.



Galaxy S21 5G 



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Galaxy S21 Series
Provided the device specifications were part of the promotion and you filled out all the correct relevant information online. Then you should have got the promotion.
Only thing is if you bought it from a participating retailer, some retailers wont be a part of the promotion for various reasons. Also that you applied within the relevant time.
What have they said about why you don't have you promotional items?