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Samsung Calendar auto-sync

(Topic created on: 13-10-2021 04:28 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

On my previous Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Calendar auto-synced perfectly with all of my calendar accounts. Now that I have set up the accounts on Samsung Calendar on my Galaxy S21, I cannot get Calendar to auto-sync properly. If I add an event to the calendar on my phone, Calendar auto-syncs as it should, and the event will quickly show on my relevant desktop Outlook account. However, when I add an event to an account in my desktop Outlook, even though desktop Outlook syncs straight away, the Calendar app in my S21 does not auto-sync and therefore does not download the new event. The only way I can get Calendar to download the event is if I manually Sync Calendars. I have gone through all settings in my S21 but cannot see why the Calendar app will not auto-sync regularly, to ensure it updates accounts, instead of only when I either add an event in the phone's app, or manually sync. Please could someone help? Thank you.