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S21 Ultra USB Will not switch Roles. USB C no longer lets my phone control anything

(Topic created on: 14-09-2022 04:51 AM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

My Phone will not work With the USB C to Aux adapter, USB C flash drives, Nothing. I Used to be able listen to music with the USB C Dongle, but randomly it stopped working. I used to be able to put a flash drive in my phone and it would work. When I plug in the USB C adapter, it will pop up saying Charging Connected device via USB. If i click on it, it wont let me switch roles and the phone doesn't detect headphones. I used to be able to listen to music and use anything just fine, then it stopped working randomly. I Bought a brand new Samsung Dongle and it still wont work or switch. I have Used an Apple adapter and it works. What is the Issue? Do I have to buy an apple product just to make my Samsung work?

Big Cheese
Galaxy S21 Series

Hi @cfish11,

Since when did this problem start? Are you on beta? As you are able to charge, the usb port seems to be working.

You could try a couple of things -

1. Verify that the usb c port is clean

2. Via Samsung Members app or feom Setting > Battery and device care, run Diagnostics. It show if there is any issue with the usb port.

3. Setting > Apps > show system apps > Samsung USB-C headset > Force stop and restart your phone

4. Go back to Samsung USB-C headset > click on the 3 dots > uninstall updates >Restart

5. Clear the phone cache partition


Galaxy S21 Series
I have been using Waze in car for ages with no problem. Galaxy S21 Ultra. In last week or so the on screen mic button on the car display isn't lit. If I press it anyway I get an on screen message "voice commands not available at the moment". I have another phone non Samsung and everything works OK. It must be the S21 ultra. I'm wondering if the latest software update early September has screwed something up. Anyone else had this problem?