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S21 Ultra order unable to be tracked and no dispatch email

(Topic created on: 10-11-2021 05:21 AM)
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I ordered an S21 Ultra about half a month ago and I'm very excited for it to arrive, however, it doesn't seems that I can track my order on the Samsung student discount portal, when I put in my details and press the submit button, it doesn't seem to do anything. I called recently about my order and they said it does exist and it is due to arrive 10th of November, so its clearly on their system. An additional note, the package is supposed to arrive today, however no dispatch email has been sent out as of yet, I will be updating this thread as the situation progresses.

Helping Hand
I am in exactly the same boat, I ordered a S21 Ultra through the Samsung Student shop, which is due for delivery today.
I can track the order via logging in on the Student shop, however the order still shows processing since the day I ordered on 31st October.
I have contacted @Samsung yesterday and they said it should be dispatched over night and I should get tracking from DPD but none of this has happened.
On my S10+ powered by Android 10 improved by One UI 2.0,
Ben Ginders