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(Topic created on: 25-05-2021 05:09 PM)
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so I ordered 2 Samsung S21 Ultra phones on 1 March 2021. Still have not received these. I decided to make a formal complaint, and what do they do? cancel my order and send me a refund. like seriously I have waited almost 3 months. I didnt even get a reply from them or anything to even say they would be cancelling my order. has anyone else been dealt with like this or is it just me? what am i supposed to do with a samsung charger, headphones case etc when i don't have the phones?! Just appalling service! absolute disgrace.

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Lot of customer complaints about Samsungs Customer service here.
Samsung really need to get their act together or they'll loose customers to Appke geniuses 😏
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Buy one on Amazon. Plenty in stock and reduced to £999!

EDIT: Were reduced as of yesterday. Price has now gone up to £1189. 😕

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung phone user.

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Wow you got it real bad. I had a similar bad service when I ordered my Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. They had a package sent to me after I ordered but it was recalled just before being sent to me on the day. Later I saw the order was cancelled. When I complained to their customer service, they took 2 days to tell me it was cancelled due to no stock. The 2nd Galaxy Tab I ordered took about 3 weeks to arrive. Their sales/logistics teams need to get their act together because this level of service is unforgivable and will hurt them their future sales. Sorry to hear of your poor treatment too 😞
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Hello @zee123 


That's not very good support at all !

May I assume you put nothing in your communications with Samsung that you'll pursue a refund if you don't receive the phone's any time soon etc ?

Just refunding your order without prior notice is very poor support.

Like others here I've also felt the inadequacy of Samsung Online Shop Support when they held back the refund of a Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G Exynos because they couldn't find the leather case I sent back in the same box they arranged to collect via courier.

So for the sake of £35 for the Samsung Leather Case they held back over £1,000 for the phone !

I finally resolved this by sending communication to the Samsung CEO Team via an online page set up by Samsung to do so, after several emails and calls to the Online Shop Department.

When buying from a reseller from Amazon please take care that they are selling a UK version and not a grey import they've sourced from elsewhere.

Perhaps have a look online to see if you can get to a Samsung Experience Store and buy one from there.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help.

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No samsung do not care about their customer. Samsung only cares about the money u spend on samsung products. Appalling service a disgrace their promotion was a con I sent proof off purchase. Because samsung tservice was a joke and o2 a joke. I did not get my gifts. To late that
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Ive made a for the solution to the problem  I know it's late but hope it helps for future reasons