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S21 Ultra item model no.

(Topic created on: 22-02-2021 12:31 PM)
ehab eldaly
Galaxy S21 Series

Hey all

I purchased one S21 Ultra on Amazon USA with the following description:-

SM-G998B/DS  512GB, 16GB Ram International version -Phantom Silver

on the Page, they mentioned Item model number

what I received now has a different Item model number  

what the difference between them, please help if I need to return it back or not

or make a claim

Thanks to all of you

Helping Hand
Galaxy S21 Series

It seems that the seller you have bought from has supplied you with a model from the Middle East and Asia region (MEA).


You should be careful if in the USA with a different regional model.  You may find that frequencies and carriers are completely different and that it cannot be used within your region.  

I am just going from what I have read, and perhaps others on here can advise better.   Personally if in the US, I would buy a phone intended for US market. 

The same compatibility issues occur if importing a phone from US into the UK.   I believe that the SD888 chipset version from US market has problems in the UK also... and actually the best import for us is from Japan region if wishing for a SnapDragon version. 


That is all I can tell you.  Is there a reason why you didn't buy direct from Samsung in the US ?? ... from what I read on Reddit and other sources, the US market deals you got access to were very good in comparison ! 


Smiley :smiling-face:

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ehab eldaly
Galaxy S21 Series

Thanks , mate for advise

i would like to highlight that I need dual nano sim that can't be achieve from USA market .

A friend of mine will come to Egypt with that mobile

in Egypt you can't get 512 GB ,16GB ram

any other options will be more expensive and not accessible for me

if the Arabian gulf model will give me 2 sim cards , 16GB ram and 512 GB storage that's all I need

Exynos processor is now similar to snapdragon so the processor chip isn't issue