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S21 Ultra camera has a serious problem!

(Topic created on: 23-09-2023 04:02 PM)

I'm really unhappy S21 Ultra user since its release.

Now, I have latest update (from 01. September 2022).
I don't know if its software or hardware problem. I think its hardware problem.

All my photos from rear, main camera (x1) is blurry. I noticed this problem in the last few days. I didn't use the camera much during the summer, so I can't tell when the problem start.

When I start Camera app on phone and I shake the whole phone for a while, after then the camera takes sharp, nice pictures. But only after  I shake it.

First of all, I am incredibly disappointed that a phone for such a money has this type of problem.
Secondly, I would like to know, if it can (and will) be solved with a software update in near future or if I should take the whole phone to the service.


Marcus of CF
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I've had the 1x-5x blurry issue within 3 months of owning the phone.  Everything else works wonderfully on the phone with the exception of videos and pictures within the first zoom range.  I've been informed that Samsung did attempt a software correction for what was considered a board-level chip failure back in 2021 but that only improved a fraction of the failed phones.  I recently asked Assurant to repair the camera and after they completed "testing" they confirmed mine is one of the phones that has the defective chipset.  Assurant will not attempt to repair the phone.  They told me that Samsung has been know to repair the chip for a fee that is on par with replacing the entire phone.  They also informed me that Samsung does not consider this a failure of the primary function of the phone and won't recall the phones for warranty repair.  I am seriously considering switching brands at my next phone update because when you're charging well in excess of a $1,000 for a phone, and the camera is one of the main marketing points, I consider that essential to the phones function.

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I did not have enough money for the S23, so this month I bought my S21 Ultra. I previously used my Dad's A13, his phone takes nice pics but very slow. Immediately after setting up the phone, I tested the camera, and noticed the poor quality, and I'm comparing it to that taken by the A13. My eyesight is failing and have to resort to wearing glasses. I took a picture yesterday and was able to see the writing on the original object but not on the picture at the so called 108MP camera setting. I am so disappointed, I thought I was buying a top notch phone, I too will now have to seek other brands. 😒

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I have the same problem 😕