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Original topic:

S21 Ultra 5g Restarting After Update

(Topic created on: 17-03-2023 07:59 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series
Baseband Version: G998BXXU6EWAF
Kernel version:
5.4.147-25884040-abG998BXXS6EWBB #2 Thu Feb 23 18:30:04 KST 2023
Security patch level: 1 March 2023

Since doing this update, my phone restarts every so often whilst using various different apps. Has anyone experienced something similar? 

What I've tried: 
- Wipe Cache Partition 
- Factory Reset Phone 
- Safe Mode to rule put any 3rd party applications 

Nothing seems to have fixed it.
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Galaxy S21 Series

So this continues in Safe Mode  @audio04  ?

If so send feedback via your Samsung Members App and await a reply please.

One last resort is a back up and Factory Reset but then when re setting the phone back up don't use the back up but instead se the phone up as a fresh install and then see what happens.

A Samsung Service Centre can assess your phone. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Galaxy S21 Series
Yes this has been happening in Safe Mode too. I've factory reset the phone and used a fresh install (much to my annoyance) and had a few restarts happen too. This morning I used the 'Optimise now' option under device care and haven't experienced a restart since.

I've sent the logs via the members app and am awaiting a response.

Thanks for your suggestions and help!