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S21 Ultra 5G - Order Complaint, appalling service.

(Topic created on: 22-04-2021 05:29 PM)

I ordered the Samsung S21 Ultra 256GB in phantom navy, for my husband for our anniversary on 4th February & it arrived on 28th February, a couple of weeks after our anniversary and just when the promotion for free live buds ended.

My husband then said he'd pay the difference and replace it for 512GB phone instead, so I ordered it again on the same evening 28th February, luckily Samsung had a flash weekend 15% off the S21 collection, so it didn't cost much more. However around 2 weeks later, on 12th March at 19:22, I received a text message from Samsung UK stating "Dear Samsung customer, unfortunately, due to a combination of supply chain issues and unprecedented demand, we are not going to be able to honour your order of a customised Galaxy S21 Ultra. We have a limited supply of alternative Samsung S21 Ultra handsets remaining. If you would like to order one of these, please cancel your order original order and place a new order at If you would rather just be refunded, then either cancel your order or wait for us to do so. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and understanding."

I then called Samsung to verify whether the message was legit and they didn't have a clue what I was talking about and explained that usually when there's a cancellation I would have received an email not text message. She said I could log in online to see the progress of my order, which I explained it still says 'customising' and that there is no cancel option. She was no help at all and said she would find out, but no-one ever really got back to me.

I then arranged a video chat and spoke to a guy who also confirmed that any correspondence from Samsung would come in an email, never a text message and also could not help me with my enquiry. He said the most accurate details I would get on the phone would be by logging in and checking the progress of my order, which I did again and it still said 'customising'.

I then telephoned a third time and explained the whole situation again, to see if anyone had looked into my original call and what was happening, to no surprise there was no progress. The lady also explained correspondence would come via email and not text message, she wrote everything down and also gave me a reference number, she said to wait until the 4 weeks are over to check in on what is happening with my order, as it takes 2-4weeks for delivery. I explained I already waited 2 weeks to then receive a text message saying the order should be or would be cancelled. I said that's ridiculous having to wait another 2 weeks to then be told you would have any phones left.

My husband then quickly ordered the same phone from John Lewis in the colour black as it was sold out/not available on Samsung and only silver was available. He found that black was now a hard colour to find as he wasn't going to get the phantom navy and John Lewis was the only company to have 5 left in stock. 

Then about another week down the line, my husband coincidently tells his manager the story, only to find out the text message is legit as it was sent from the company on behalf of Samsung. I wasn't happy that I had to find out by coincidence and that why Samsung couldn't confirm anything and the lack of customer service and support I had received.

I then had to get my husband to ring and get the order cancelled as I didn't have a option to cancel it myself. The order was then officially cancelled on 25th March and it is now 6th of April and I have not received a refund for the phone. If Samsung knew on 12th March I wasn't getting my phone and that I didn't have an option to cancel the order myself, why did it have to take my husband to get his manager to chase up the cancellation. It is disgusting that such a massive company took so much money and couldn't offer a good service to say the least. We were told I would receive a full refund on the phone and the phone case I order and be given a voucher. I was then given a £50 voucher as an apology, to use on Samsung, which the majority of products are £100+, so they can make more money.

I rang Samsung last week to ask what was happening with the refund, only to be put on hold for 20 mins and told wait 7-10 days and that I wouldn't be eligible for the refund on the phone case either. I am absolutely appalled at the worst service I have ever received from Samsung, I would like my full refund as promised. You have taken my money and wasted my time, I have no patience or understanding what so ever and because my husband ended up buying the phone from John Lewis it has ended up costing us more than we had originally paid from Samsung. The decency of Samsung would be to refund the original value of the phone as more of a good will gesture.

Samsung you have been absolutely awful for such an expensive phone, you have made money and not given any consideration towards your customers at all.

First Poster

I have been having very similar issues after ordering mine in the navy blue but I ordered mine in the lowest memory size. I placed my order on the 15th of March. I'm yet to receive a text from them but I have called the 'helpline' twice with different answers both times on the status of my order. I have tried multiple forms of communication with them with this forum being the latest but they always try and push me to the 'helpline' which isn't very helpful. Not exactly sure what I can do now other than just wait for more information which is really shocking coming from such a large company.