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S21 Queries

(Topic created on: 04-09-2021 08:41 PM)
Big Cheese
Galaxy S21 Series
Hey got a couple of questions; - On the S21 when running Phone Information (inPocket Software), it says the battery is 3880mAh, yet on it says that it is 4000mAh. Why is there a discrepancy, as I did the same check for my S8 and that matches perfectly with the website? P.S. I did check on the Phone INFO ☆SAM☆ app as well and that showed up to be 3880mAh. But, I did look in settings and found this (pic below), so could you explain what this means?😮 - The Phone INFO ☆Sam☆ app can check if a phone is refurbished, but it requires the serial number. Is this dodgy (and should I trust this) and is there another way to check for refurbished devices? I do trust WondaMobile, but I still like having the ability to check this with any phone, as it is quite handy, especially when getting phones from repair shops or ambiguous websites lol.


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Hello @LiquidSnake 


I've been using the phoneINFO app for a number of years without issue however I skip the request to input my phone's serial number and the app still works fine in regards to what I want to see about my phone.

I also use the CPU-Z App too.

Your Battery information is within the phone under About Phone which you've cone across to which I would go on that information and not particularly what the apps show.

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