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S21 camera blurry/ lag

(Topic created on: 14-08-2021 01:30 AM)
Galaxy S21 Series

Is anyone else still having camera issues with the S21? 

I've tried different settings but the time delay between pressing the button and the shutter actually releasing is ridiculous- most of my photos are coming out blurry. It seems to happen more when the light is good, which is completely against common sense too. I've never had any issue with previous galaxy cameras and had way better results. 

Any tips gratefully received as me and a friend are having the same problem and no idea how to resolve it. Thanks :smiling-face:
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Galaxy S21 Series

I upgraded to this phone as I thought the camera was good. I have the same problem as you, you go to take the perfect shot but the camera does not respond! Arghh. Missed the moment. Also, many shots look blurry.

Much prefer my Huawei p20 pro. Should have stuck to that instead of committing to £900 for this new phone! Hope they get these issues sorted soon!!! 

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Galaxy S21 Series

SAME PROBLEM. I shoot a ton of photos, so I always buy the android-based phone with the highest rated camera. This year it was the S21 Ultra and so far I have been genuinely shocked at how poor its performance compares to my much-older S8 camera. For example:

1. Time delay between tapping focal point on screen and camera response (focus adjust and display of yellow focal point brackets) is significantly slower on the S21 U than S8 during direct comparison using same shooting mode, lighting conditions, subject.

2. Time delay between tapping shutter button and "shutter release" is significantly slower on the S21 U than S8 during direct comparison using same shooting mode, lighting conditions, subject.

Those two anomalies are causing missed shots (ie. scene/person moved before photo was taken), and blurry shots.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix this problem. Otherwise, I have quite literally wasted $1,100 on this phone since I purchased it solely for its advertised "class leading" camera performance, and I'm having to carry my old S8 around with me just for its seemingly superior camera.

Galaxy S21 Series

Sadly the S21U uses a larger sensor so you can not really compare it so S8. S8 and S9 where quite unique especially S9 where it has the dual aperture with modes, F1. 5 mode &  F2. 4 mode to regulate the aperture.

The S21U has a focus enhancer mode if shoot up close, else it has phase detection autofocus  and laser autofocus which was a hardware cure for the disastrous S20 Ultra camera.

In general big sensors like the S21 Ultra 108MP ISOCELL HM3 have auto focus problems and w/o laser autofocus it`s a disaster.

The S21 has one of the best camera system in a phone, consistent from all lenses, and producing rich, vibrant, sharp and natural colors, but you have to play with it to get there.


Also for fast moving objects, like kids/dogs, you`d probably be better off with a pixel or an iphone :smiling-face: