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S21 5g restart issues

(Topic created on: 13-12-2021 09:32 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series

Anyone having restart issues with S21?

My phone keeps restarting at unusual times. Atleast 4-5 times a day.

Tried factory reset as well.

I have sent my phone 2 times to Samsung care. 

Samsung care is a time waster.. took 2 weeks but no solution

Even Samsung care raised their hands saying they can not solve the issue. 

Please raise your phone issue if there is any..

As samsung must fix this.

Galaxy S21 Series
My Samsung S21 has been doing this also. Long story short I bought the phone from O2 in August. It started restarting- I was ONE DAY too late to have a replacement. By October I received a message from Samsung saying 'serious software issue' and I had to contact Samsung- phone has been factory reset 5 times and was also sent in for repairs TWICE within the space of 3 weeks and, like yourself, nothing found. Apparently it's caused by a 3rd party app? However when I received my phone back the second time I had not installed anything and it was restarting(also, why is this happening on this phone but not on my old phone with the exact same apps installed?). Anyway, I have been making a log of every time my phone restarts for no reason in my notes since October and it is pathetic. I contacted O2 again and before they would discuss anything with me I had to send it in to them for repairs also- if Samsung couldn't find anything then how the hell will they? I know they'll send it back with the same reasons as Samsung and not acknowledge the fact that there is clearly a hardware issue with these devices. I am at my witts end I really am. And I am disgusted that people who are having this same issue are having to pay for a phone that is defective.